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Welcome to d'CRADLE

d’CRADLE stands for Centre for Research and Dhamma Leadership Enhancement.

d’CRADLE is set up to look into the overall longer term leadership needs of the Buddhist community.

Upcoming Events

23 September

Digital Dhammaduta Workshop 5

Date September 23, 2023-September 24, 2023
“We concluded our second edition of Digital Dhammaduta Workshop last weekend at Bandar Botanic Country Resort, Klang. The session who was facilitated by Bro. Koh Mui Han was attended by…
16 September

JEDI 3 (Part 2)

Date September 16, 2023-September 17, 2023
INTRODUCTION A follow-up of the GLAD Programme, JEDI further explores the Dhamma leadership with a special focus on building Dhamma-inspired paradigms and skills. Designed based on inspiration from Dhammapada Verse…
01 September

GLAD Retreat (SBS)

Date September 1, 2023-September 10, 2023
GLAD Retreat (SBS): 1 – 10 September 2023 Contact us for details:
12 August

JEDI 3 (Part 1)

Date August 12, 2023-August 13, 2023
“This is GLAD (Part2), therefore the pre-requisite to joining this program is that participants must have completed GLAD program. This program uses Dhammapada 183 as the basis “Not to do…



I thoroughly enjoy and recommend the GLAD Programmes to other Buddhist Leaders and activators as a way of building a common mission for the Buddhist Community

Datuk Seri Dr Victor Wee

This programme will be able to bring the leader in you to inspire others and oneself and becoming a great leader in everyway following the footsteps of the Buddha

Lim Allex

It has been an inspirational 4-day course. It has further ignite my passion & sprint in the Dhamma. I definitely encourage more people to join this wonderful event

Aidan Lee

Join Our Mission

You are part of the Vision & Mission of d’CRADLE. Come and join our mission to outreach to the Buddhist Community.

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Support Our Mission

If you believe in d’CRADLE Vision and Mission in looking into the overall longer term leadership needs of the Buddhist community, reach out to us to walk the path together to inspire more Buddhist Leaders! Alternatively, if you wish to support this noble mission, kindly contact us.

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