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About Us

How we started?

In 2016, Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM) initiated a Leadership Programme to address the issues of Buddhist leadership within its member organisations. The Leadership Programme was aimed to inspire and to change the mindset of the leaders based a systematic and structured delivery to produce true Dhamma leaders. The programme was designed by Dd Tan Huat Chye who has carefully selected Dhammapada 182 that could instil a purpose to the leaders. The programme was called GLAD – Great Leadership Awakening with Dhamma.

The 4-day GLAD programme was successfully delivered over the years and benefited many key leaders in members organisations of TBCM. As the number of graduates grew, some of them were invited to start the Centre for Research and Dhamma Leadership Enhancement (d’CRADLE). The aim of d’CRADLE is to be the premier centre for Dhamma Leadership Research, Development and Enhancement in transforming the Buddhist Community. It aspires to develop inspiring Dhamma leaders and Influencers with the right mindset and skillsets. With a 10-year strategic blueprint, d’CRADLE is positioned as a catalyst to rejuvenate the Buddha Sasana and to lead the renaissance of the Buddha Sasana in Malaysia and the region.

In 2019, d’CRADLE was officially launched by the TBCM Monastic Advisory Panel in Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul.

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What is d’CRADLE?

d’CRADLE stands for Centre for Research and Dhamma Leadership Enhancement. d’CRADLE is set up to look into the overall longer term leadership needs of the Buddhist community.


The initiative to develop Buddhist leaders has been long-overdue and should not be left to chance! d’CRADLE was first mooted amongst various concerns and issues expressed in various Buddhist conferences and meetings over the decade.

The continuation or succession of Buddhist Centers with good inspiring leadership is always of prime concern to all. What the Community needs is a systematic and well thought through approach in the identification and development of Buddhist leaders.

In addressing this pressing problem of the Community, the Think-Tank of the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia has made it the top priority in the setting-up of d’CRADLE to move the Community forward in preparing and developing inspiring Buddhist leaders, both for now and the future. We believe the Buddha-Sasana will sustain and continue with leaders walking in the footsteps of the Buddha!

Looking ahead in the next 10 years and more, d’CRADLE intends to close the leadership gap of the community by providing 3 core areas of interventions – Dhamma Leadership Development & Training, Dhamma Leadership Research and Dhammaduta Accreditation.

This will be done through a properly structured plan to grow and enhance the capabilities of Buddhist leaders via a series of well-thought out programmes to change mindsets and building & enhancing skill-sets.




To be the premier centre for Dhamma Leadership Research, Development and Enhancement in transforming the Buddhist Community.


To provide systematic and sustainable leadership identification, development and enhancement programmes and initiatives for Malaysian Buddhist Community.

To innovate progressive Dhamma-Outreach strategies and approaches for the sustainability of Buddha-Sasana.

To conduct, document and disseminate research outcomes on Buddhist Leadership of all traditions.

To create, develop and produce content on Buddhist Leadership, Dhammaduta and Management through the optimal usage of all media and digital technology.

Core Values
Our Strategic Framework & Plans
3 Phases of Growth
Core Values

Our core values reflect our vision to build a new generation of Dhamma leaders who are:

  • Buddha-Inspired
  • Dhamma Guided
  • Self-Transformed
  • Outreach Focus
  • Leading with Compassion

Our Strategic Framework & Plans

Looking ahead in the next 10 years and more, d’CRADLE intends to close the leadership gaps of the community by providing 3 core areas of Strategic Interventions in the first 10 years:

  • Phase 1 – Dhamma Leadership Development & Training
  • Phase 2 – Dhamma Leadership Research
  • Phase 3 – Dhammaduta Certification & Accreditation

This will be done through a strategic structured plan and systematic approach to grow and enhance the capabilities of Buddhist leaders. A series of well-thought out mind-set changing and Skillsets enhancing programmes will be designed to achieve the objectives. The well-trained Dhamma leaders will in-return be more inspired with a greater sense of Mission to serve the Community or Centres where they belong. Future or emerging Dhamma leaders will be supported with wealth of research contents, cutting-edge digital technology and accreditation opportunity to strengthen Dhamma-Outreach capability.

Beyond the 10 years (after 2030), d’CRADLE aspires to introduce program that gives opportunity for Dhamma-inspired and mission-driven lay individuals to serve the Buddha-Sasana on a full-time basis.

3 Phases of Growth



Identification and roll-out of transformative Leadership Development Programmes and essential skill development that prepare Buddhist Leaders to better lead or manage Buddhist centres.



Formation of Research Team to further research on all aspects of Buddhist Leadership. Research will focus on the Buddha’s leadership that inspired millions over His 45 years of missionary work, Leadership strength of Dhamma Masters of all traditions and example of their leadership principles that we all should emulate and live with.



Linkage with Buddhist Colleges and Universities to offer Dhammaduta related programmes so that Dhamma Outreach workers are properly trained and accredited.

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Our Management Team

From Left to Right: Dd. Kua Theng Hong, Dd. Khoo Nee Wern, Dd. Lee Kok Cheng, Dd. Tee Chee Seng, Dd. Tan Huat Chye, Dd. Goh Seng Huat, Dd. Lim Cheng Jeen and Dd. Angeline Sim

d’CRADLE Management Team

Director: Dd. Tan Huat Chye

Head of Development: Dd. Tee Chee Seng

Head of Finance: Dd. Goh Seng Huat

Head of Funding: Dd. Lim Cheng Jeen

Head of BUILD: Dd. Lee Kok Cheng

Head of PADDLE: Dd. Khoo Nee Wern

Head of MarCom: Dd. Angeline Sim

Head of Programme Marketing: Dd. Kua Theng Hong


Join Our Mission

You are part of the Vision & Mission of d’CRADLE. Come and join our mission to outreach to the Buddhist Community.

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Support Our Mission

If you believe in d’CRADLE Vision and Mission in looking into the overall longer term leadership needs of the Buddhist community, reach out to us to walk the path together to inspire more Buddhist Leaders! Alternatively, if you wish to support this noble mission, kindly contact us.

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