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d’CRADLE Home, 7, First Floor, I-Residen, Persiaran Surian, Seksyen 4, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


Dd. Tan Huat Chye: +6013-350 3141 Dd. Tee Chee Seng: +6010-400 5354 Dd. Goh Seng Huat: +6012-7720193




Join Our Dhamma Leadership Mission
Support Our Dhamma Leadership Mission
Join Our Dhamma Leadership Mission

The Centre for Research and Dhamma Leadership Enhancement (d’CRADLE) is setup as a strategic initiative of TBCM to look into the overall longer term leadership needs of the Buddhist Community. We are now expanding to meet the challenging needs to develop more committed Buddhist Leaders in our community and we want like-minded Buddhist to join our team of inspiring and innovative people.

Our team comprises of resourceful, inspiring and fun team of Buddhist friends with a sense of Mission. Working together also means we get to enhance our skills as well as pioneer some interesting Buddhist innovative projects. Being part of the team also means leaving a legacy to the bigger good of our Buddha-sasana.

We are looking for

  • Program Coordinator
  • Funding Ambassador
  • Account Executive
  • Creative Visualiser
  • Editor
  • Editorial Crew
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

Support Our Dhamma Leadership Mission

Dana – generosity is the link between the Dhamma and practice. One of the tenets of Buddhism is the Giving or DANA. Giving is not the privilege of the rich. It is the cultivation of compassion and support for a noble cause.

d’CRADLE as a self funded organisation, relies on the generosity of funders, members and volunteers to carry out its activities. Courses are charged a minimal fee and largely subsidised. We foresee that we will require continuous funding as we ramp up the frequency, geographical reach and variety of courses.

We acknowledge and express our heartfelt deep gratitude to you, the funders and your continued support is essential to enable the Dhamma to touch more lives. Volunteers are needed too. Your skills and hearts are essential to us.


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Join Our Mission

You are part of the Vision & Mission of d’CRADLE. Come and join our mission to outreach to the Buddhist Community.

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Support Our Mission

If you believe in d’CRADLE Vision and Mission in looking into the overall longer term leadership needs of the Buddhist community, reach out to us to walk the path together to inspire more Buddhist Leaders! Alternatively, if you wish to support this noble mission, kindly contact us.

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