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The gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts.
Sabba Danam Dhamma Danam Jinati.

List of Benefactors

Updated 22nd June 2021

Bro. Chew Chee Seng

Bro. Jeffrey Soo

Dd. Lim Cheng Jeen

Bro. Lim Kooi Fong

Dd. Lim Soon Keng

Dd. Angief Ng Guat Gern

Dd. Oo Jia Teng

Dd. Dr. Oo Swee Khoon

Dato’ Richard Cheong

Bro. Siew Woon Ket

Sis. Sharon Soong Moi Yuen

Dd. Tan Chin Hoe

Dd. Tan Huat Chye

Dd. Vutty Taing

Dato’ Wei Chuan Beng

Bro. Wong Fook Chai

Genting Buddhist Group

Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society

Mudita Buddhist Society, Klang

Dd. Eric Chan Tuck Leong

Datuk Seri Dr. Victor Wee

Dd. Joseph Ong Chwee Teck

Dd. Chim Siew Choon

Dd. Cheah How Ngian & Family

Dd. Vuthy Taing

Sis Jessy Lee Pei Lee & Family

Dd. Lim Cheng Jeen & Family

Dd. Goh Seng Huat

Dd. Wong Suh Chuen

Dd. Lim Shiok Cheng

Dd. Dr. Punna Wong & Dd. Sharon Chan

Mdm. Lee Kwee Ying

Dd. Lee Chong Yong

Dd. Dr. Oo Swee Khoon

Jurutera JRK Sdn Bhd

Bro. Lum Wai Tuck

Sis. Ng Eng Eng

Sis. Teoh Poh Lin

Dd. Chuan Teik Boon & Family

Dd. Siow Ying Jier

Sis. Parija Velookitty

Dd.Dr. Lee Boon Peng

Bro. Siow Kuan Tow & Sis Yen Miau Jong

Dd. Apple Tan Guat Peng

Sis. Chiah Nyuk Kiat

Bro. Lee Yu Cheng

Sis. Lee Fong Kiew 

Bro. Wee Hok Tiong 

Dd. Pang Ling Yoke, Phyllis

Dd. Moon Teo Siew Guat (IMO Teo Chain Chong)

IMO Cheng Xin Xiang

Dd. Kuan Sai Kow

Dd. Poh Wee Fah

Dd. Kua Theng Hong

Dd. Katherine Tan Hoi Hong (IMO Mdm Ong Sok Bee)

Sis. Joo Lan

Dd. Leong Sook Mei

Dd. Lim Siok Cheng

Dd. Teh Lee Kien

Dd. Kee Khee How

Sis. Shuen Yoke Yin

Sis. Lee Yen Ping

Sis. Shawn Siew Rong Jin

Sis. Sharmaine Siew Tung Ern 

Bro. Lee Fook Sing

Sis. Chan Kwai Hing

Sis. Ho Chia Yeong

Dd. Esther Teo

Bro. Kelvin Choo and Dd. CJ Tee

Dd. Catherine Chia 

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