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This training is designed uniquely for both, young/up-coming & veteran Buddhist leaders to learn, unlearn, relearn especially deepening our knowledge, understanding & appreciation of “rare is the birth of human beings”, Gotama Buddha’s effort, compassion & wisdom to teach Dhamma the 45 years of his last birth & many more. This 4 days training were never short of heart-touching, humorous, creative & strong bonding moments. Highly recommended to all Buddhist leaders – will share with you more if you reach out to me

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You are part of the Vision & Mission of d’CRADLE. Come and join our mission to outreach to the Buddhist Community.

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If you believe in d’CRADLE Vision and Mission in looking into the overall longer term leadership needs of the Buddhist community, reach out to us to walk the path together to inspire more Buddhist Leaders! Alternatively, if you wish to support this noble mission, kindly contact us.

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